Book presentation and Centro Sraffa Workshop

Book: “Capitalism. Competition, Conflicts, Crises” - By Anwar Shaik.
8 June 2016 h. 12.00 – Sala delle Lauree - Università Roma Tre, Dipartimento di Economia, Via Silvio D’Amico 77, Roma.
Opening and chair: Pasquale Tridico (Roma Tre University, Jean Monnet Chair) Introduction: Gennaro Zezza (University of Cassino)
Book presentation: Anwar Shaik (New School, New York)
Cristina Marcuzzo (Sapienza University of Rome)

Alessandro Roncaglia (Sapienza University of Rome) 

Centro Sraffa Workshop

Antonella Palumbo (Roma Tre University and Centro Sraffa)

Fabio Petri (University of Siena)
Another route to Garegnani’s critical conclusions on intertemporal general equilibrium theory

J. Mohan Rao (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Are Heterodox Theories Still Relevant to the Debates on Growth Convergence?

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